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New and improved version of the BetaStick.

The Evo Super Standard is the new standard in BetaSticks! It's a new design that has more reach, yet is more compact when packed down. It fit very easily inside a boulder pad, but it would also fit in a large pack, and could be easily clipped to the outside of a small one.

The entire unit has been redesigned and has gotten rave reviews from our staff.

The pole: The pole parts now have a ridge that runs the length of them, eliminating any twisting that can happen if the pole is entirely smooth all the way around. The locking mechanisms have also been improved – they're stiffer and better quality, making the entire unit feel very durable.

The mechanism: This has been totally redesigned. It fits a quickdraw carabiner very snugly, securely and comfortably. The latch has two positions it can sit in – one that's better for solid-gate carabiners and one that works better for wire gates. The BetaStick product designers have also widened the hole in the unit, which means it's big enough to clip a carabiner into if that's how you'd like to transport it.


  • The new standard in BetaStick – more compact with more reach
  • Capacity for lasso clipping and quickdraw removal
  • Integral hooking feature for rope retrieval
  • New pole design to prevent spinning with secure locking mechanisms and a stiffer, more durable build quality
  • A dual position spring to securely retain carabiners, optimise gate opening and release smoothly
  • Compatible with a wide range of snap-gate carabiners – both solid and wire gate
  • An ergonomically angled head to easily access bolt hangers in difficult clipping situations
  • Clips to harness for ‘bolt-to-bolting'


  • Length: 74–374cm
  • Weight: 645g


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Brand BetaStick
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