Edelrid Megawatt Descender

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The MEGAWATT is an intuitive and reliable descender with a wide range of potential uses when working with ropes and in rescue scenarios. It fulfills four important work safety standards (EN 12841-C, EN 341-2A, EN 15151-1/8, and ANSI/ASSE Z359.4). During the descender’s development, focus was placed on intuitive handling, compact dimensions, and a low weight (495 g). The MEGAWATT will be available from retailers from December 2022. From mid-October 2022, EDELRID will present the diverse ranges of options for using the new rope access and positioning work collection in cooperation with training centers. Interested parties can register for the Rope Access Tour free of charge. Information about participating training centers and dates can be found on the EDELRID website. 

The EDELRID MEGAWATT rounds off the company’s rope access portfolio. “In developing the MEGAWATT, we have created a descender that not only meets the necessary standards, but has such versatile functions that it can be used for all uses when working at height,” comments Lucas Taddei, Work Safety Product Manager at EDELRID. “The challenge was in making the design so light and easy to handle despite its versatility that users can move smoothly on the rope even in work positions that are difficult to access. To achieve this, we developed a highly compact lever geometry that makes it possible to finely adjust the descent speed,” Taddei adds. 

The lever itself is made of a two-component material with rubber inserts for maximum grip. The integrated anti-panic function significantly reduces the risk of an accident in the event of a loss of control.

Whether used actively or passively, the MEGAWATT is equally suitable for left and right-handed users. Depending on the work site and preferences, users can descend by either pushing or pulling the lever. On arrival at the desired work site, the MEGAWATT enables easy positioning. The integrated autolock function locks the device so there is no need to park the lever or tie off the descender. The short lowering lever also reduces the risk of snagging.

A further sophisticated detail is the opening mechanism with a safety lock. This makes it possible to leave the MEGAWATT clipped onto the harness when inserting the rope, a situation in which the descender would typically be lost. If the MEGAWATT is semi-permanently installed in rescue systems, it can be locked using the screw supplied.

The highly robust design not only enhances safety but also enables the longest possible, and therefore sustainable, use. EDELRID pursues this philosophy with as many products as possible. As such, the MEGAWATT also comes with steel inserts in particularly abrasions-prone areas.


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