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Specials at Rock Hardware
(Specials available until Monday, 29 February 2016, or until sold out)

Special Of The Week
Buy  Black Diamond: SET of 6 "C4" Cams and 6 matching wire Gates. Camelots sizes .4, .5, .75, 1, 2 & 3 and "Neutrino" 6 Pack. SUPER Special for a short time only...  $495.00  29% Off

Buy  17 Down Under: 17 DOWN UNDER. "A celebration of moderate grade climbing in Victoria". 184 pages. 285 images. Father & son team, Steve & John Morris, embark on a journey to climb and photograph 50 of the best rock climbs in Victoria, grade 17 & under. Inc bookmark  $50.00  9% Off

Buy  Set of 11 DMM "Wallnuts" (1 to 11) N/B NEW Anodized colours!!! New "lighter" version. Steve's favourite wired Nuts.  $189.00  14% Off
Buy  Open Spaces P & B.: ARAPILES Selected Climbs. Updated 2016 Edition! By Simon Mentz & Glenn Tempest. Full colour, Revised and updated. 1,300 selected climbs. 158 photo topos. Bouldering.  $55.00  8% Off
Buy  Black Diamond: MAGNATRON Rock Lock. "The re-invention of the auto-locking karabiner". Two independant magnets lock the karabiner nose. 24 7 7 kN. Gate opening = 22mm.  $39.00  22% Off

Buy  Black Diamond: Camelot C3 - Size 00 - Purple - 7kN Camming Range: 9 to 13.7mm N/B Only 1 left!   $85.00  35% Off

Buy  Black Diamond: Camelot C4 - Size 0.75 - Green - 14kN Camming Range: 23.9 to 41.2mm   $69.00  31% Off
Buy  Black Diamond: SET of 3 "C4" Cams and 3 matching wire Gates. Camelot sizes 1, 2 & 3 and 3 matching "Neutrino" karabiners. SUPER Special for a short time only...  $265.00  28% Off
Buy  Black Diamond: SET of 8 "C4" Cams and 8 matching wire gates. Sizes .3 .4 .5 .75 1 2 3 & 4 and 8 anodised "neutrino" - wire gate karabiners. SUPER Special for a short time only...  $695.00  29% Off

Buy  Black Diamond: Camelot X4 - Size 0.2 (Yellow) Strength: 6kN Range: 9.9 to 16.5mm N/B Only 1 left!  $95.00  37% Off

Buy  Black Diamond: Neutrino Rack Pack. (6 diffrent coloured wire gates) N/B Colours are coded to match C4 Camelots. (i.e. Grey, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow and Blue). Works out $9 each.  $54.00  23% Off

Buy  Black Diamond: Black Diamond "PosiWire" Quick-Draw Sets. (6 Pack) Top: Straight gate Positron. (Anodised Ink Blue) Bottom: UPGRADED HotWire Wire gate. (Anodised Ink Blue) Dogbone: 12cm long and 14mm wide. SUPER Special for a short time only. $19.82/Draw.  $119.00  40% Off
Buy  Black Diamond: 12mm DYNEX Daisy Chain X 115cm Long (45"). (White/grey Individual Pockets: 3kN (300kg) Overall: 16kN (1600kg) N/B Qty 2 in stock.   $29.00  47% Off
Buy  Black Diamond: Five Step Etrier. (25mm nylon, with stiffened steps) 10kN min strength all aiders! Ballast clip in loop for weighting etrier in windy conditions. N/B 2 different colours in stock!  $45.00  25% Off
Buy  DMM: 12mm dyneema Daisy Chain X 135cm. (Red) Strength: 22kN. N/B Only 2 in stock.  $39.00  29% Off Buy  DMM: DMM "DEMON Cam". size 0. BLUE. Single Axle. Extended dyneema 25cm white/blue sling. Expansion Range 13 - 19mm. Strength - 14kN (Passive strength - 10kN) If you only had to have one small cam? 14kN - Awesome! SUPER Special. Only 2 left!  $85.00  35% Off Buy  Beal: "FLYER II" 10.20mm x 60M. (CLASSIC) Weight/mtr - 65 gms. UIAA Falls - 8. Impact Force - 7.6 kN. GREEN in stock! Only a few left! Be quick!  $199.00  31% Off Buy  Blue Water: Blue Water "Icon" 9.1mm X 60M. Single rope. (Could use for double rope technique) Grams per metre: 55 grams. UIAA No of Falls: 5 Impact Force: 8.8kN Blue/Green sheath in stock. Super specialized... Only 1 left!  $275.00  29% Off
Buy  Beal: Beal "Opera" 8.5mm - Unicore X 70M. Rated Single,Double and Twin. Dry Cover. 48 grams per metre. Single and double UIAA falls - 5. One in BLUE and the other is GREEN. Price each...  $295.00  22% Off Buy  DMM: DMM "Pivot" Guide Mode belay Device. Anodised RED. Single rope compatibility = 8.7mm to 11mm. Half & Twin rope compactibilty = 7.3mm to 9.2mm.  $49.00  18% Off
Buy  Rock Master Publications: Sublime Climbs - A Guide to the best rock climbing venues in Victoria, Australia.By Kevin Lindorff, Josef Goding & Jarrod Hodgson. Over 700 climbs, 158 phototopos, 36 maps, and 380 pages covering the best of Mt Arapiles, Mt Buffalo and the Grampians  $45.00  25% Off
Buy  Beal: "Top Gun" 10.50mm x 60M. (Dry COVER) Water Absorption: 12% Weight/mtr - 68 gms. UIAA Falls - 11. Impact Force - 7.4 kN Orange, blue or green in stock...  $275.00  19% Off Buy  Scarpa Vapor Women's: Scarpa "Vapor" WOMEN's Velcro Size 40 Eur (8.5 US) High Performance Technical Shoe. Precision, sensitivity, and power. Vibram XS Grip2 Rubber (Outstanding smearing...) N/B Only 1 pair left and small fitting! (Suit foot length 225mm approx.)  $99.00  57% Off Buy  Wild Country: Dyneema sewn Sling. White with black ribbing. 22kN 10mm X 240cm. Ideal rigging sling? SUPER Special until sold out!  $30.00  28% Off


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